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Who are we? Empty Who are we?

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:41 am

My name is Levaz - most of you have known me for several months. I have a background in Commerce with majors in Economics and Finance. Besides Forex, I also own and operate a couple of "brick and mortar" companies. These range from Construction, Facilities Management to Currency Analyst for our own Managed Accounts. This forum is not about our MA's, so please do not ask information about them here.

I have always been interested in Foreign Currencies. My first foray into trading currencies was way back in the early 80's, when we faced a stock market crisis.
A few traders ripped the country of USD 6 Billion (huge money back then, and not so small even today) and the government had to devalue the currency. This was a pegged currency, therefore, it was easy to make the trade. I took advantage of pegged currencies to make my trades, which were wonderful at protecting any losses on trades, as the USD (or GBP or DM, no Euro back then) was always equal to a certain amount of our local currency.

Since those days, we have entered the world of the leveraged Forex market. Our preferred trading strategy is medium to long term trading. We have developed several trading systems over the years. The latest being the Cruiser, Dwarf and Sundae (working for several years now - Sundae being the youngest at less than a year old). We have shared some of these these signals for several months even though they were fully tested and had already proven their merit to us. We even gave out our Dwarf system for FREE on certain forums. There may be several of you here that may have a copy of this system.

We will let our signals speak for themselves. Please know that we trade these signals ourselves. Several attempts with many Professional traders, systems and EA's have proven to us that history means nothing. Back testing means even less - Why? Back testing is the result of tuning the system to market conditions, and the market is dynamic. The reason most systems fail is that they fail to adapt to changing market conditions. And we will tell you upfront, that even our mechanical systems have a limited life span as they are valid on for as long as market conditions remain the same. To overcome this, we are constantly evaluating the market and are capable of modifying our trades to suit these evolving market conditions.

We have in our arsenal a unique set of tools ranging from our own knowledge, access to market analysis from some of the industries most reputed traders, use of neural networks, and our most important proprietary tool - inter-market analysis. Using the last tool, we implement a series of eMA's to accurately predict, to a degree of greater than 80%, what we can expect from the market over the next two to three days. This also allows us to see the historic performance of the market under similar (but never the exact same) market conditions for up to the past 5 years.

Let us take all of this and use it to our mutual advantage.


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