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Post  Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:01 am

Even though we concentrate on EURUSD, and we have developed purely mechanical trading systems for the USDCHF and GBPUSD, we have to monitor several majors and related crosses, their related fundamentals, and other market influences to arrive at our main trading signals. This constant monitoring gives us opportunities to take some really profitable trades in non-core pairs.

When such occasions present themselves, we might as well take advantage of this knowledge. These trades are based on technical analysis, and when we see tops or bottoms being formed, we will most likely take a low risk trade. Stops range from less than 15 - 20 pips (for short term trades) all the way to 200 pips for the much longer term trades. As always, we recommend no more than a 2% risk per trade.

More often than not, these incidentals add substantial profits to our total tally. As with any of our other trades, these are place and walk-away types of trades. Most of these opportunities give us time to enter the trades, but not as much as the Dwarf or the Sundae. Therefore, it is up to you to monitor the Discretionary signals forum to see if there are any new trades.

We will post updates regularly if there are any changes to the SL and the TP values. Being Discretionary trades, we do close some of them ahead of the TP or SL values, but we will advise you of any changes on this forum prior to doing the same on our accounts.


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