Trader workstation screens: an innovative model

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Trader workstation screens: an innovative model

Post  Kristina Stanbro on Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:29 am

A broker’s trader workstation screen has following facilities:
• Title Bar
• Tool Bar
• Ticker Window
• Market Watch Window
• Inquiry Window
• Snap Quote
• Order/Trade Window
• Message Window
• Index

Title bar: The title bar displays the date, current time and trading system name

Tool bar: A window with different icons, which provides quick access to various functions. These functions are market watch, market by order, market by price, market movement, market inquiry, snap quote, buy order entry, sell order entry, order modification, order cancellation, outstanding orders, order status, previous trades, net position, auction inquiry, activity log, online backup, supplementary menu and help. All these functions are also available on the keyboard.

Ticker: The ticker displays information about a trade as and when it takes place.

Market watch: A broker review market information of pre-selected securities that are of interest to him/her. To monitor various securities, the broker has two options:
• Key in the security descriptor that is a symbol and a series field
• Invoking the security list and then selecting the securities

The symbol field incorporates the company name and the series field captures the segment/instrument type. A third field indicates the market type. Thus, today out of the scores of online options trading broker has the freedom to choose the best one.

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Re: Trader workstation screens: an innovative model

Post  Levaz on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:42 pm

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