The GBPUSD Sundae System

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The GBPUSD Sundae System Empty The GBPUSD Sundae System

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:12 am

This signal set is restricted to the GBPUSD pair also known as the cable, based on the daily charts. A purely mechanical signal, it is mean to place and walk away.
The potential trade is very simple to execute. We get the signal from a particular broker once a week, every week.
This signal has not missed a single week since we started using it.

Please note that the signal may seem to oppose current trends, or potential market news. However, begin a mechanical system, we have to follow the strict rules of the system. So please enter the trades as issued.

The signals will be issued between 2300 - 2330 GMT. In volatile market conditions, which rarely occurs during Sunday trading, we may have to wait till the actual opening of the Monday candle.

There will be periods of time when there are no signals, this is a safety as we may not get a proper direction from the market.
We WILL NOT rush into signals just for the sake of giving out signals.


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