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Post  Levaz on Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:22 pm

Feb 2010 was a decent month. We missed carrying some of the core trades to their fullest, but when contradicting information flows in, it is best to book some profits and move on.

We have achieved over just 500 pips for this month between all the signals.

Sadly, we took a massive hit to our performance on the very last trade, which the market did not give us a chance to get out.
Never mind, we will persevere. We have made some changes to the program plans. We are also making changes to our signals - hopefully for the better Smile

We are going to set a monthly target of 1000 pips for ourselves. So that works out to about 50 pips every trading day.
There are normally 20 trading days in a month. We believe that this is easily accomplished between all our systems.

Once we consistently achieve this target, for say three months or more, we will up the target to 2000 pips.
This is also well within our trading range, and more importantly, can be accomplished without undue risks.

This is our personal challenge. And we hope that you too will reap the benefits.


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