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Post  Levaz on Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:47 pm

Good news folks!!

We are now ready to offer Managed Account services for accounts smaller than 50K.

We have REAL account trading statistics for you to see.

Please note the following about the above statistics:
- Real account starting with USD 2,000 on March 9, 2010
- We have made no additional deposits or withdrawals - this is an issue we are facing with FXCM.
- We will be shifting brokers as soon as we can wind down the trades.
- The new broker is Alpari UK, who offer excellent spreads.

The returns on this system in 15 trading days (March 9 - March 26) is over 50%
This is the anticipated monthly performance of this system.

The strategy is simple and implemented with use of an Expert Adviser. We use multiple sMA's to trade on 5min charts, using the 15min and 1hour charts as filters. We make use of hedging and martingale systems to average our positions. This system is not affected much by news releases and we do not really avoid any trading days. To aid in balancing the open trades, we spread the risk over 8 pairs, one is not in use right now, as it is not very mobile, so we are trading only 7 pairs.

This is the link to our Real Alpari UK account.

Money management:
- We do use a fixed stop loss of 500 pips on EVERY trade.
- We need this to allow some room for our martingale strategy to save the trades.
- We use 0.01 (1K) order sizes per USD 1,000 of available deposit.
- We use leverage of 200:1

This is a purely mechanical system, based on the laws of averages.
What goes up MUST come down, eventually and vice-versa.

The nitty gritty:
- Min account size for members of Forex Fortress will be USD 10,000
- Our fees are 50% for deposits up to USD 50,000
- Reduced fees available for larger deposits.
- Account must be under our IB at Alpari.

If you are interested, you will need to do the following:
Open an account with Alpari UK <--------- Click the RED link to open your account.
Specify Classic account and leverage of 200:1 or MORE- THIS IS IMPORTANT
We need you to select Meta Trader 4
Once the account has been opened, send us an e-mail at PIPE_KASUKO@SAFE-MAIL.NET
We will send your some more documents that have to be filled and signed by you. We require a confirmation from Alpari UK that the account has been linked before we can trade your accounts.

We would suggest that you also open a second account with Alpari to move your profits.
We recommend that you move the profits left after our fees to this account UNTIL you are no longer exposed to the market,, i.e., you have recovered ALL your capital.
After you have recovered your capital and are playing ONLY with the banks money, we suggest that you continue to withdraw your profits and restrict compounding to a max of 25% - 40% of YOUR portion of the profits.

You deposit USD 10,000 and all the paper work is in place for April 2010.
We make 50% profits every month, i.e., USD 5,000
Our fee will be USD 2500, your profit is USD 2500.
In FOUR months (July 2010), you will have broken even.
Month FIVE (August 2010), our profit share is still USD 2500, and you WANT to compound.
REMOVE USD 2000 and move it to your second account.
Only compound USD 500. It is small, but it will add up over time.
Remember, by now you are playing with banks money, so who cares.

Who knows, IF you do this (regular withdrawals), we may be inclined (NOT a promise, but a carrot) to reduce your fees for your efforts to control GREED.


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Mini Fortress Managed Account Empty Re: Mini Fortress Managed Account

Post  Levaz on Tue May 04, 2010 4:12 pm

A clarification about the above Mini-Fortress Managed Accounts. This trading system has nothing to do with my signal service. The mini-managed accounts will use the same system that is reflected in the performance links shown above.

The Managed Accounts that utilize the same signals that I share over here are only accepting client with 100K to start. It used to be 50K, but I increased that amount to give more time to the new mini-managed account services, and the signal service too.

I hope that this clarifies the matter.


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